These summer temperatures in early may are really getting under my skin. I’ve been waking up these mornings felling sea salt in the air. I would then take a deep breath, and get lost for couple of seconds. ..dreaming about smell of pine, sound of waves and sunbeams cuddling my skin through the shade of branches. And there I am, easily dusting off and polishing my summer verbs – swimming, diving, hiking, ice cream eating, sunbathing and above all relaxing.
  At the moment I am planning my joyful summer days, no reservations yet, so feel free to recommend some happy sunny activity. And until I pack my bags I get me some fresh sea landscape photos, I will be enjoying those from the last summer.
  What about you? What distant, close, wavy, rocky, hidden, long, sunny… shores are you dreaming about?




2 thoughts on “Shores

  • May 23, 2012 at 20:33

    zao mi je sto nema mogucnost da fejvujem pojedinacnu fotku na blogu, to bi bila ona sa dva peskira i dva sesira, ali svakako fejvujem blog.
    uh, bas mi se gleda more sad i przila bi se na suncu (znam da nije zdravo i da cu pre vremena da omatorim, but I dont give a f*), pa lezis, listas cosmo na lokalnom jeziku, pa kafa u pesku, pa smes da ne radis nista, pa toples, pa drecavi lak, pa ne pres kosu od soli…huh..odoh malo da prilegnem.
    hvala za ovo mastarenje :*

    • May 24, 2012 at 00:53

      da, da, iste slike vidimo :) nadam se da ce nekad biti i kroz objektiv, a ne samo ovako virtuelno..
      nema na cemu, any time!


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