This post is the end of my One photo a day keeps the doctor away 365 project. A one year project where I uploaded one photo per day into special album in my Facebook page. It made one year pass more quickly than usual, leaving me completely changed in so many ways.
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  I think that nothing is just what it is. I Think that everything has another, deeper meaning. So, as this album was only a photo gallery to some, to me it was a real journey. It thought me many skills and showed me many new horizons. Since we all tend to forget, I wanted to summon up those experiences here and save them from oblivion. I want to say them out loud so I can remember, treasure, and maybe even come back to them. So, here are couple of my personal thoughts on things I learned, which also can help you understand what was going on in my head and behind the scenes.
  1. If you followed this daily project, you probably noticed the messages. Those messages or the names are usually referring to the photos, but they are always referring to me (us). They are milestones reminding me that life is not happening yesterday, or tomorrow, but right here and right now! and I should do all I can and know to enjoy it to the fullest!
  2. It happened more than once that during this process I told myself I’ll take that photo later. But you know what, later never happened because sun moved and made different shadow, house got ruined next day or that funny dog just left the scene. So if you have things to do, don’t wait, do them now. If you get another chance, well, even better!
  3. This album was my diary. It was sort of my life in pictures and words, and that is way I love every photo in it. But, yes I am aware of the fact that some photos are much more better than others. That’s because I had my ups and downs, and more than once felt empty and stuck in the situation asking myself “what on earth I am going to shoot today?!”. Sure, it would be easier to put some other photo from the previous days, as some friends (much to my surprise) suggested. But that just wasn’t the deal and cheating wasn’t the option. And the funny thing is, now looking back, I am actually more proud of those not-so-good images cause they are reminding me I didn’t hide behind my fears. They are telling me I showed up, I tried and did my best. At least for that day. And therefore, now I know, you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to Be.
  4. Don’t wait for inspiration, because it won’t come to your bed. Maybe it is hiding right around a corner, but you have to go look for it. Meaning you have to do something, and sometimes it can be anything, really (you wouldn’t believe how amazing hiding spots and great sense of humor and inspiration has :)) But you have to move, to search, to try, to fail, and then fail some more. And to repeat the process again until you start enjoying it, and forget why you started it at the first place. …until, well, wouldn’t you know it, it’s there!
  5. I am hard on myself when it comes to compliments, but on this one I can really look you in the eyes and say that I am proud of myself. I am proud for accepting, withstanding and accomplishing this challenge. It wasn’t easy, but it was much more easier than I thought it would be. So probably the most valuable lessons I learned is that there is no such thing as “impossible” (after all, man made free fall jump from the stratosphere when I was on my 238 photo, so how’s that for an impossible?!) That’s why I now wholeheartedly know, feel and believe that “When I try, impossible is nothing.” One big resolution I should probably frame and hung on my wall to add some fuel when needed ;)
And I dare you all to take challenges. Trust me, it’s never to late, and today is always the perfect day for conquering new territories and fears, for conquering yourself!

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6. And just one more final thought. Actually it’s a shout out. I love you ALL!!! Thank you for being there. Daily. For supporting me and joining the ride. <3

Hope to see you in many more adventures to come our way :)


One photo a day keeps the doctor away – finish!

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